All About Eyebrows

Did You Know???


Brows go through growing pains too! Years of routine waxing, tweezing, threading, and shaving can obviously have an effect on your current situation...but what about the factors that you DON'T typically think about such as medication:

  •  diet 

  • aging 

  • alcohol/recreational drug use

  • sleep position

  • hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy and/or other various factors.


Whatever the case may be, take the time to learn your brows. Schedule your brow service today and together, we can help create your best brows ever!  

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Brow Sculpture : $20.00 (15 mins)

 Strip wax & tweezers are used to sculpt, repair, or reshape your eyebrows for your perfect arch.

Brow Tint: $20 (15 mins)

 Semi-permanent color is applied to darken your eyebrows and give them a fuller appearance. This service is great for natural blondes and those who find themselves frequently applying brow powder or pencil to, "cover up."

Brow Sculpture with Makeup Fill: $30 (30 mins)

 Adds definition to brow shape and length using brow powder, liner & concealer.

Brow Sculpture with Tint: $40 (30 mins)

Combines strip wax and semi-permanent color to add definition to brow shape and length.