Love Your Lashes

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Volume Lash Extensions


Volume lashing (2 or more false lashes applied to 1 of your natural lashes) is a technique used to achieve a fuller, fluffier look. These lashes are perfect for:


  • Clients who have fine, weak, or sparse lashes.

  • Clients who have thick natural lashes, but LOVE the look of strip lashes.



Full Set (100% Coverage): $215 (3 hrs)

3-4 Week Fill:  $95 (90 mins) 

1-2 Wk Fill:  $75 (60 mins)

Strip Lashes & Individual Flares


Strip & Cluster lashes are placed over natural lashes at the base of the lash line.  

Gives appearance of longer, fuller lashes.


Strip Lashes : $15 (15 mins)

Individual Flare Removal: $20 (15 mins)

Individual Flares- Full Set: $40 (30 mins)

Individual Flares w Removal: $55.00 (60 mins)

Individual Flares - Fill : $1.00 per lash (varies)