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How to do an easy back facial at home for lovers.

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

This is a super easy back facial that you can do at home anytime! Featuring Femme Jolie's Whipped Body Butter and Brown Sugar Body Scrub. Learn how 3 simple products can help you step up self-care time with your special someone.

Here's what you'll need:

A steamer. Keeps skin wet enough to move product once they are applied (great to have but it's okay if you don't.)

A bowl of hot water. You will use this to wet skin manually if you don't have a steamer. Start with hot water to make sure it doesn't get cold to fast. Be mindful of temperature to ensure both you and your parnter's safety!

(3) Steam towels and ('1) clean, dry towel. Use steam towels to remove products from skin. They are super hot especially in the middle. Please be careful when unwrapping them. The clean towel will be used to place over the very last steam towel that is applied.

Your favorite cleanser.

Your favorite body scrub. We used our Spiced Brown Sugar Scrub. (Order Spiced Brown Sugar Scrub)

Your favorite lotion, massage oil or cream. We used our Light & Fruity Whipped Body Butter. (Order Light& Fruity Whipped Body Butter)

We hope you enjoy the video. Comment below if you have questions, suggestions. Let us know how your lover liked it! You can always email us privately at :

Thanks for watching!

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