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It may sound selfish, but I created this company for myself.  I needed a place that allowed me to be me on my own terms. That meant not being constantly critiqued on my non-traditional definition of what beauty means to me. 


I prefer a more natural look.  Instead of wearing a face full of makeup, I like to softly enhance my natural features. I’m talking clean, beautiful brows, lashes that look like they are growing from my eyes, and skin that is smooth, soft, and supple.

When I closed my studio in July 2020, I decided that I wanted to focus on creating products that would make a woman feel pretty from the moment that she laid eyes on the bottle.  They had to be natural products that would make her skin feel good inside and out. More importantly, she had to feel good about using them on her body. 


The goal is simple, the products should feel just as soothing to apply as they were to make.  Making my products is therapeutic.  My wish is that every time someone opens a bottle, they immediately experience joy and comfort.



Honestly, happiness inspires me the most. I love laughter and happy, cheerful vibes.  Whether it’s hanging with my family and friends over great food and drinks at home or a vacation getaway to somewhere on the beach or in the woods, I am my happiest when the people I care about are smiling.

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