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Clean Bath & Beauty products designed to help women normalize feeling soft & sexy after 40

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Femme Jolie Columbus

Femme Jolie Columbus is a brand that is passionate about teaching women over 40 how to live life filled with beauty, self-care and a positive mindset.  


My products are designed for:

  • Women 40 + looking for clean bath and beauty solutions that will make their bodies feel magical.

  • Individuals with skin sensitivity issues that cannot use most bath & body products due to strong scents or preservatives.

  • Individuals with extremely dry skin issues such as eczema/psoriasis and patients suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy or hormone treatments.

"I have no fear of aging, because I plan to do it gracefully with soft, sexy skin."

Felicia, CEO


Meet Felicia 

Felicia is a Master Brow & Lash Artist with 13 years of beauty industry experience. 


She lives in Columbus, Ohio where she spends time off hanging out with her family playing, "Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare" or binge-watching any and all episodes of, "The Walking Dead Universe."  

She is a warm, loving, and very opinionated person that is genuinely happy with life.  She loves to laugh and enjoys making others laugh right along with her.

Felicia strongly advocates that super moms and busy women alike make time for self-care every single day! As a mom of 2 great kiddos, she knows what it’s like carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders and still desire to feel pretty and pampered.


 You can check out her story and the moment that lead to the creation of Femme Jolie in her blog post,  "Man, Eff The Key Chain Fairy! : My Journey to Finally Loving Me First."  

 Felicia was one of six small businesses selected to participate in a panel on CNN's morning show, "New Day with Alisyn Camerota and John Berman for their,  "Pulse of the People" segment in September 2020.


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